Positive Experiences
The time spent at home is usually one of the most important and formative experiences a child could have. International House for Kids strives to ensure a similar experience for your child. An experience filled with joy, wonder and discovery. A positive learning experience, which not only holds value now, but an experience that they will remember and benefit from for the rest of their life.  

We Focus on the Kids
Your child will always be the center of our attention. Our methods are based on empathy, equality and love. We approach each child as an individual regardless of their abilities, requirments or cultural backgrounds.


From the Nursery to Kindergarten through Fourth Class in After-school Care
International House for Kids offers a loving, stable and safe environment for your baby, toddler or child. Our primary focus is to ensure each child learns and shares with other children the importance of self-confidency and self -independency.
We promote and optimally prepare children for German- and/or English-speaking schools. Our nursery, kindergarten and after-school care offers your children loving care, safety and orientation. Free and guided activities rhythmically alternate with a structured daily routine. This provides orientation and stability.

From Sylvia


As a mother of two, I know exactly how hard it is to let go and say good-bye to our children. You wish for the best loving care, but ultimately rely on someone else doing the job. It was this concern that was at the heart of creating a child-centered service in line with our own vision of providing a high quality, caring and bilingual concept that is available to all ages up to 11, as well as offering long opening hours.

In September 2009 we opened our first kindergarten- International Preschool Nymphenburg. This was followed by the “International House for Kids” with nursery and kindergarten which started in 2012. Finally, in 2016, we extended the nursery and kindergarten of the International House for Kids by also offering after school care for school children. Now that our family is ´complete´, we are happy to reassure parents that their children will not only get the best care but also the earliest possible access to high-quality education.


We care about kids

From very early years up to school age, 6 months to 11 years, from early morning till late afternoon – we offer your child a care free time in a loving, warm environment in which to feel cared for and able to develop their potential.

The time spent with us is one of the most important and formative stages for children. This is why we are keen to turn this time into a wonderful, positive experience with valuable insights, learning and precious moments to draw upon later in life.

The child is always at the centre of our attention along with a  genuine appreciation, empathy and loving care. The equality between boys and girls, children from different social backgrounds, other cultural and national origins and abilities is a given for us.

We want to provide the children with a fundamental sense of safety, enable them to form stable relationships with close adults, thereby strengthening their trust in themselves and the world. We support the children in their search for independence and encourage them in their efforts to learn and try out new things. We look for a healthy balance between learning and being a child.

“While children are small, give them roots, once older give them wings”
Indian Proverb

What we offer

At the International House for Kids nursery, kindergarten and after-school care, we offer you:

Loving care for your child from 6 months to 10 years old
Bilingual Education (German/English)
Loving and professional care in a comfortable setting
Response to all senses  ?????
Age-appropriate and varied activities
Numerous excursions
Intense and specific preparation of preschool children for school
Attractive garden and playgrounds in the neighbourhood
Weekly Sports, Music, Dance, Art, Gymboree and Ballet classes
Bio-certified meals and snacks
Shuttle service from school to our after-school care location

Additional Activities in our Houses

Dance, Sports and Movement
Once a week all children visit the gym and take advantage of the sports activities run by qualified sports teachers (coordination games, posture, gymnastics, sports equipment).

Ballet lessons
Once a week we offer professional ballet classes run by an external ballet teacher.

Early Years Musical Education
Once a week all children join in our dedicated music programme run by a music teacher.

Punch and Judy Show
Every fortnight we get a visit from an artist/art therapist who stages a play and gets the children involved in it.

Skiing lessons
Once a year we offer a skiing class for children aged 4 and above as part of a cooperation with a skiing school. The children are picked up and spend four days in a nearby ski resort where they are being taught by professional skiing instructors.

Together with the ‘Münchner Fussballschule’ (Munich Football School) we offer customised football lessons on our in-house court.

Hip Hop
Also on offer and very popular, especially with the older ones.

The Early Years Musical Education lessons are conducted by a Gymboree teacher who comes once a week and get the children to drum, dance and sing.  The unit is taught in English. Our staff also joins in singing and dancing with the children. Gymboree improves the development of a child and their love of music through singing, dancing, coordination games and instruments. Using a variety of styles, the music lessons are designed to help children discover the power of rhythms, melody and tonality.

Our staff conduct weekly art projects enabling children to experiment with pens and paper, colours, glue, clay, natural materials etc. The children have the opportunity to discover and express their creativity. They learn to initiate their own means of expression while learning to appreciate those of others.

Singing lessons
Once a month we get a visit from a trained singer who will teach our children new songs accompanied by rhythmical instruments.

Theatre Pedagogy
Theatre Pedagogy is an independent discipline combining both theatre and pedagogy. It encompasses both artistic and pedagogical aspects. The theatre group is firmly placed on our weekly agenda.

There are five core competencies that theatre pedagogy aims at:

Artistic competence
Organisational skills
Theoretical thinking skills

Speech Therapy

We closely cooperate with the Speech Therapy Department of the hospital “Barmherzige Brüder”. We provide and support speech development units in-house.


Building life-long learners

Our children spend a great deal of time of their life with us. It is therefore of key importance to develop and build on the skills gained at home. We strengthen the children in their emotional, social, communication and physical competencies within a stimulating bilingual environment.

We do this by following our pedagogical guidelines:

The dignity of a child is untouchable
We trust in the goodness within each child
We take the needs of children seriously
We work with heart and soul – i.e. we offer a loving, cosy atmosphere, ensure safety, build trusting relationships and strengthen the trust of children within themselves and towards their environment.
Children have a right to individual expression
We appreciate different skills, temperaments and personalities. We focus on the child’s resources not on deficits.
We guide and support self-driven and independent learning, curiosity, self awareness experiences and the use of initiative
We offer holistic and diverse sensorial input
Child based needs are the foundation of pedagogical work. We teach tolerance, respect and genuine curiosity as basis for intercultural awareness.
We lead by example in teaching social conduct and manners and encourage children to do so as well.
We teach boundaries in a respectful and understanding way.
Children always maintain their autonomy. No one is forced to participate but encouraged to try out new things.
We enter into education partnerships with parents. We value parents as experts of their children. We take their concerns and worries seriously and allow children to express their needs, perceptions and emotions in line with the concept of participation which includes:

Political Action
Negotiating processes at eye level
Children’s rights
Acceptance of Individuality
Sharing time together
Informing of children
Practical application of new ways
Acceptance of differences
Transparency of structures
Staying in contact
Self- and co-determination
Developing new ideas together

In all our houses we work in accordance with the principle of immersion which facilitates a totally uncomplicated way of learning another language.

Immersion literally translates as ‘language bath’, meaning the children immerse themselves in two languages. All words are absorbed in an effortless way and will, given time, be used and remembered.
Our English-speaking teachers communicate exclusively in English with the children to offer them continuity and effectiveness. Obviously they also speak enough German in order to recognise their needs and act accordingly. Mother tongue and foreign language interlock with time. With adequate support this development can be enhanced further at home.


Learning about self-esteem and developing self-confidence from our teaching staff are important prerequisites for a positive child development. In this context it is particularly important to strengthen a child’s resilience. Resilient children show  high conflict management abilities, creativity, enthusiasm about learning, positive self evaluation, stable relationship skills, high social compentence and humour.


In order for a child’s personality to develop and flourish, it is important to us that children learn to take responsibility and be actively involved in decision making. They get to know themselves as independent person and learn to appreciate their uniqueness.

Learning with pleasure

Only he who enjoys learning learns effectively and sustainably. Learning should be fun !
We engage children to meet the world with openness and curiosity.  Through changing activities and our professional input we motivate the children to discover the world and ask questions. We offer them a safe environment in which to experiment and go on a journey of discovery together. Absence of fear, playful conduct , a great degree of humour and trust are at the centre of our learning and teaching philosophy.

A typical day with us

Throughout our 3 houses we offer a combination of a wonderful loving nursery for the little ones, a kindergarten and preschool for the older ones as well as after school care for  school children. Our daily structure is based on orientation, stability and consistency.


International Preschool – A villa !

Our house is a lovingly furnished city villa located in the heart of Nymphenburg, in-between the Nymphenburger Kanal, Westfriedhof and Dantebad. Its two floors offer space for two kindergarten groups for children age 3 -4 years as well as a preschool group for children age 5 – 6 years old. A lovely garden also provides an area for the chlldren to play outside. In addition to that we also use nearby accessible playground facilities for the little ones.

3 classes with 16 – 17 children each

House for Kids

The International House for Kids is situated in the Nymphenburger Strasse within easy access to nearby Rotkreuzplatz. The house comprises of three floors for kindergarten, preschool as well as nursery, a wonderful large playground in the backyard  and a small playground for the little ones.
Nursery             5 classes with 12 children each

Kindergarten    3 classes with 17 children each

All our class rooms are lovingly furnished in bright colours to create a comfortable atmosphere.  Our classroom furniture are specially made to suit the requirements of children and are made of natural wood. Each of the distinctly different rooms offers individual play and learning activities as well as a quiet area for relaxation and reading.

There is also a comfortable area for parents during short stays. The nearby noticeboard regularly informs about different learning themes, activities, excursions and important data. The children’s arts and crafts projects are regularly exhibited in the corridors.

House for Schoolkids -  An estate (…. with a long history / tradition ?)

On Gut Nederling we provide care for children from 6 months to 11 years in our nursery, kindergarten and after school care groups.

Kindergarten               2 classes at 18 children each
After school care        3 classes at 23 children each
Nursery                        2 classes at 12 children each

In the House for Schoolkids we work in small, bilingual groups with German and English speaking teachers. The children enjoy being in a cosy, comfortable and child centred learning and play atmosphere. The huge external area also provides plenty of space for playing, running around, planting and sowing.