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Bilingual Nursery, Kindergarten, After-school Care

Three Locations in Neuhausen and Nymphenburg


As a mother of two, I know how hard it can be to let go. You hope for the best possible childcare which caters to the needs of the individual child, although you are ultimately putting your trust in someone else.


With these concerns in mind, I decided to develop an environment that would provide competent, round-the-clock childcare, in accordance with my personal vision. Along with the idea of a  bilingual learning concept, it was also important for me to have a nurturing environment with flexibility through long opening hours. In September 2009, we opened the first Kindergarten in the International Preschool Nymphenburg. This was followed by the International House for Kids with a crèche and kindergarten, and since September 2016, we are also able to offer after-school care (Hort) at International House for Schoolkids, which runs alongside the kindergarten and preschool.

Sincerely yours,

Pamela Lielich

we care about kids

At International House for Kids, we’d like to make an active contribution toward the future. As the world we live in seems to get smaller and smaller through technical and communicative advancements, challenges and also new possibilities are arising.

We believe that the key to a peaceful atmosphere with innovative development is a strong competence in language and communication. Therefore we want to do our duty by educating children to become independant and confident people who are able to reflect. Furthermore, we would like them to be able to think outside the box and be ready for the globalised world.

Our aim is to offer learning through play in a safe and stimulating environment to a range of children from the „very little ones“ (6 months old through to the kindergarten and preschool) right up to the „big kids“ in primary school. In these secure surroundings, the children are able to learn and develop their skills without disruption.

Due to the fact that the children spend a large proportion of the day with us, we fill that time with plenty of positive experienes and fun activities. We place the individual needs of the children at the forefront and we ensure a continually positive environment with an unconditional respectful conduct.
This enables the children to develop a healthy self-esteem, which forms the basis of learning without barriers. Furthermore, this provides children with the security to form stable relationships, which as a result strengthens their confidence in the world and in themselves. We encourage the children’s independence and self-awareness and support them in their aspirations to learn and to try out new things – this means that the children can LEARN whilst not growing up too quickly.

building life-long learners

Our focus is on child development in the nursery, preschool and after-school care with an emphasis on self-reliance, self-confidence as well as physical education. This forms part of our comprehensive overall educational concept.
The realisation that each child has unique talents that need to be supported according to the individual child’s learning pace makes other more traditional approaches obsolete.  This approach together with taking into account a child’s social abilities guides and supports children to becoming adults that look beyond national as well as social boundaries and become fully participating members of a global and interconnected world of the future.

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