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Positive Experiences

The time at our house is one of the most important and formative experiences for children. We want to make this time for your children to a wonderful, positive-retaining in memory experience, from which they take valuable experience, learning content and joyful experiences with in their lives.

The Child in the Focus of Our Attention

The child is always at the center of our focus, which is based on appreciation, empathy and love in dealing with the children. The equality between girls and boys, children with different social backgrounds, different cultural and national backgrounds and different abilities is self-evident for us.

From the Nursery to Kindergarten through Fourth Class in After-school Care

International House for Kids offers a loving, stable, confidence-building, independence- building environment for your baby, toddler, and young one to grow and learn in.

We promote and optimally prepare children for German- and/or English-speaking school. Our nursery, kindergarten, and after-school care offer your children loving care, safety and orientation. Free and guided activities rhythmically alternate with a structured daily routine. This provides orientation and stability.

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