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pedagogical concept

We Care About Kids

The supporting pillars in working with our small Estonians are:
Security, love, security, protection
This is what directed our work. Our children spend a great time of your life with us, it is imperative you the basic skills that will assist you obtain through your parents' house and promote.
Especially for children under 3, it is important your home to create an us! The child and his needs are the focus, we strengthen the children in your emotional, social, communicative and body-related competencies. With us, the children are in their positive self-concept of vicarious learning
Our kindergarten and our preschool are places where children learn social behavior, observe, discover, try, and eventually can take over for themselves.


With us, every child is taken and their individual skills and abilities and their needs seriously to grow into his personality and to develop self-confidence.


The mediation of self-esteem through the pedagogical staff and their support in order to build and reinforce self-confidence are prerequisites for the positive development of the child. In this context, it is especially important to strengthen the resilience of each child. Resilient children excel due to their high problem-solving ability, creativity, enthusiasm for learning, positive self-reflection, high social competence, assumption of responsibility and humour.


While developing their personalities, it is important to us that the children gain a sense of belonging and that they are unconditionally accepted and liked. Furthermore, they learn to take on responsibility and to actively take part in decision making. Through this, they are able to recognise their own individual personality and to value their characteristics.

Making Learning Fun

Only those who enjoy learning, learn effectively and sustainably – learning should ultimately be fun! We encourage our children to look at the world with curiosity and openness. Through our wealth of activities and varied stimuli, we inspire the motivation to discover the world and to ask questions. We give them the security to be able to try things out and to join us in this voyage of discovery. A room in which the children feel safe, a playful surrounding, and a large measure of humor and confidence play an important role within our teaching and learning partnership.

Optimal Preparation

In our nursery we aim to optimally prepare the children for a German or international school. In playful and promote based on the latest learning psychology findings and we call for the preschoolers. They learn from us basic skills in reading, writing and an understanding of numbers and quantities. Learn to diverse and playful way how to get access to their own interests and new learning content, while they can still understand that they learn what they learn and how they learn.


The term „immersion“ is generally described as being a „language bath“.
The means that the language being learnt is consequently being spoken alongside the native language.
This is without obligation and pressure to perform and therefore the children are naturally able to learn a second language.
The earlier the process begins, the better it is for the child’s brain to engage with the language acquisition and to competently grasp different sounds, rhythms and structures.
Our children already start to immerse themselves in the two languages from as early as crèche or kindergarten ages and they are then able to learn at their own speed. They are accompanied throughout their school day by at least one German and one English speaking member of staff, who exclusively communicate in their respective language with the children.
Consequently the fundamental principle „one person – one language" is being fulfilled and therefore confusions between the two languages do not occur.
Through the constant „language bath“ the primary school children learn to understand the second language quickly without previous knowledge.
During homework supervision, it is mainly German colleagues who work with the children in order to prevent confusions in the completion of their German school work and in order to retain their focus throughout tasks.

Bilingual Teachers

For children without previous bilingual abilities, we ensure at International House For Kids that we use non-verbal means of communication in order to prevent difficulties in understanding. The spoken content is therefore accompanied and supported by corresponding gestures. Should the children continue to have problems in understanding, they are then of course supported but he German educators. Furthermore, the children have access to resources such as illustrated dictionaries or vocabulary cards.

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