Gut Nederling Hours and Pricing

A theater estate with a long history.
At Gut Nederling, we provide care for children from 6 months to 11 years in our nursery, kindergarten and after school care groups.

  • Nursery                     2 classes/ 12 children each

  • Kindergarten              2 classes/18 children each

  • After school care        3 classes/ 23 children each

In the House for Schoolkids we work in small, bilingual groups with German and English speaking teachers. The children enjoy being in a comfortable, child-centered learn and play atmosphere. The enormous outside area also provides plenty of space for playing, running around, and learning about cultivating plants and flowers.

Opening Times

The nursery and kindergarten are open from 8.00am to 6.00pm. The core hours are 9.00am to 1.00pm.
The after-school care is open from 11.00am to 7.00pm.
We are open the entire year, with the following exceptions:

  • 2 weeks summer holiday

  • 2 weeks Christmas holiday

  • 2 closure days for teacher training


Pick-up Service from School

We offer the possibility to pick your child up from school. The children from the primary schools in the nearby area are picked up each day by one of our shuttles. At the moment we have two bus routes. At least one teacher accompanies each route.



The (tax deductible) monthly fee depends on the number of hours booked. We are flexible about accommodating your needs and the booking times can be changed as you need them.


After-school Care

over 4 - 5 hours     500€

over 5 - 6 hours     550€

over 6 - 7 hours     600€

over 7 - 8 hours     650€

Admission Fee: One-time cost of 700€

Organic Lunch and Afternoon Snack: 105€/ month

Shuttle Service: 110€/ month


over 4 - 5 hours     510€

over 5 - 6 hours     570€

over 6 - 7 hours     630€

over 7 - 8 hours     700€

over 8 - 9 hours     770€

over 9 hours         860€

Admission Fee: One-time cost of 700€

Material Costs: 500€/ year

Organic Lunch and Afternoon Snack: 105€/ month


over 4 - 5 hours     540€

over 5 - 6 hours     600€

over 6 - 7 hours     670€

over 7 - 8 hours     740€

over 8 - 9 hours     820€

over 9 hours         910€

Admission Fee: One-time cost of 700€

Material Costs: 500€/ year

Organic Lunch and Afternoon Snack: 105€/ month

Additional Time Card

Should you occasionally need to pick up your child later than their booking time, you may purchase a voucher which you can use for additional hours of care. These hours can be then used according to your needs.