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Nymphenburgerstrasse Hours and Pricing

The International House for Kids is situated in the Nymphenburgerstrasse within easy access to nearby Rotkreuzplatz. The house is spread out over three floors for the nursery and the kindergarten, has a large playground in the backyard and a small playground in the front for the little ones.

  • Nursery           5 classes with 12 children each

  • Kindergarten    3 classes with 17 children each

All of our class rooms are lovingly furnished in bright colors to create a comfortable atmosphere.  Our classroom furniture are specially made to suit the requirements of children and are made of natural wood. Each of the distinctly different rooms offers individual play and learning activities as well as a quiet area for relaxation and reading.

There is also a comfortable area for parents during short stays. The nearby noticeboard keeps parents informed about different learning themes, activities, excursions and important data. The childrens arts and crafts projects are regularly exhibited in the corridors.

Opening Times

International House for Kids is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00am until 6:00pm (the core times are 9.00am to 1.00pm). Our facility is closed for two weeks in the summer holidays (August) and two weeks for Christmas. We also close for two in-house training days throughout the year and these dates are announced closer to the appointments.


The (tax deductible) monthly fee depends on the number of hours booked. We are flexible about accommodating your needs and the booking times can be changed as you need them.


  5 hours     650€

  6 hours     720€

  7 hours     790€

  8 hours     860€

  9 hours     930€

10 hours     995€

Admission Fee: One - time cost of 700€.

Monthly Fees:  Hot lunch: 125€
                       Material costs: 40€


over 4 - 5 hours     650€

over 5 - 6 hours     720€

over 6 - 7 hours     790€

over 7 - 8 hours     860€

over 8 - 9 hours     930€

over     9 hours      995€

Admission Fee: One - time cost of 700€.

Monthly Fees:  Hot lunch: 115€
                       Material costs: 40€

Additional Time Card

Should you occasionally need to pick up your child later than their booking time, you may purchase a voucher which you can use for additional hours of care. These hours can be then used according to your needs.

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